Food for the starving fish !
I am a so called song writer from Romania that enjoys music, lyrics and a good picture :)
Hello, good morning, how you do? 
What makes your rising sun so new? 
I could use a fresh beginning too 
All of my regrets are nothing new 
So this is the way 
that I say that I need You 
This is the way 
That I’m learning to breathe 
I’m learning to crawl 
I’m finding that you and 
you alone can break my fall 
I’m living again, awake and alive 
I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies !
I am the war inside
I am the battle line
I am the rising tide
I am the war I fight
Eyes open, open wide
I can feel it like a crack in my spine
I can feel it like the back of my mind
I am the war inside !
These days pass me by
I dream with open eyes
Nightmares haunt my days
Visions blur my nights
I’m so confused
What’s true of false
What’s fact or fiction after all
I feel like I’m an apparition’s pet
But you haven’t lost me yet !